SotoTech SMART Probe Test Cell Controller
SotoTech SMART Mini GPIB Snooper
SotoTech SMART Real Time OEE and Datalog Monitoring
SotoTech Enterprise STDF Data Analysis Software
SotoTech SMART Probe Test Cell Controller

SMART Probe Test Cell Controller

SMART Probe (SP) is a cost effective Test Cell Controller System that upgrades and expands the capabilities of your prober. SP combines hardware and software components to provide optimized sequencing, control of the prober and the probing process.

SMART Production Monitor

Increase your test floor visibility with SMART real time equipment monitoring. Collects OEE data from TMD and SMART Probe for real time monitoring and future analysis.

Test Monitoring Daemon

TMD (Test Monitoring Daemon) is a Real Time STDF Snooper and GPIB Data collection client for the SMART Mini Box. TMD provides OEE and STDF data to the SMART Monitoring Server.

Test Data Analysis

pcFIRMS Enterprise is a tool for Semiconductor Test Data Analysis. Characterize, Optimize, Correlate and Qualify with easy to use wizards. Handles large quantities of data from STDF files in the gigabytes range.